- Third Person, Action Adventure - Website - Steam

Engine: Unity (C#)
Role: Gameplay Engineer, Animation Engineer, Cameras

Maui is a game to gain the favor of the Hawaiian gods. It is an extension of a Hawaiian legend about forbidden love. It is a Zelda-inspired game featuring an innovative Stat-Grid mechanic to change your stats on the fly.

Solo Projects

C++ Game Engine (WIP)
- Repository

Languages: C++, Lua
It is a 3D game engine with a rendering pipeline, custom memory manager, Maya exporter, specular and diffused lighting. Future features are a 3D collision system, Networking among others.

Experimental Games (WIP)
- Website

A series of one week prototypes centered around a theme. The games try to prove a hypothesis about the theme.

Rapid Prototypes

- First Person, Platformer with a Twist - Download

Engine: Unreal Engine
Role: Networking, Push / Pull Mechanic, Rising and falling of Lava

A first person platformer game in a fictional volcano, you have powers to push and pull yourself to all the platforms. Your objective is to collect all the gems and avoid the constantly rising and falling lava.

Ebola Clinic
- 3D, Resource Management, Serious Game

Engine: Unity (C#)
Role: UI, Movement, Gameplay

A game about Ebola Treatment Unit in West Africa, with elements of resource management. Made as a Serious Game, once you are out of funds, links for actual charities are shown to the player.

Controversy in India
- 2D Arcade, Browser Based Game - Play

Engine: Phaser (HTML5)
Role: Spawning of Neurons, Digging Mechanic, Gameplay Balancing, End States

Based on the arcade game Dig Dug, you control a virus who wants to take his revenge on cows. To win, you must eat all the neurons in the cow's brain and avoid anti-virus bodies.

Mean Peace
- Two Player, Assymetric

Engine: Monogame (C#)
Role: Networking / Multiplayer, Gameplay Balancing
A two-player game of Peace vs. Violence. One player needs to survive while the other player needs to kill the minions then his opponents before the timer expires. One player plays with the controller while the other uses the keyboard and mouse.

Level Design

Level for Crysis 2
- Virtual Worlds Final Assignment

A level designed for Crysis 2 using CryEngine ModSDK. The level design was focused around making meaningful choices while completing the mission which was not present in the original game (it gave you tactical options to help finishing the mission). Every choice has equal advantages and disadvantages. Which choice to select will depend on the playstyle.

Undergraduate Thesis Project

- Synopsis

The software developed monitors network activity of Virtual Machines which overcomes some of the disadvantages of previous methods of data analytics in a cloud environment. The software uses Software Defined Networking (SDN) approach by utilizing Open vSwitch (OVS), an open-source virtual network switch. The switch is used to capture network flow and store it in a network-mounted file system (NFS). For fast storage and retrieval, data is stored in compressed form using LZO compression algorithm and indexed using bitmap indexing technique. Storing data in this way helps perform analysis and report generation for providing transparency to the Cloud tenants. The user interacts with the system through Software as a Service (SaaS) interface by firing queries specific to the data that is sought. Recorded network traffic can be viewed which facilitates its analysis.